Jingle Bell Rocks 

Lockdown 2.0  

Ordinarily we would be starting to think about our annual Christmas Busk at Waterloo Station. As we have entered into a second lockdown in the UK it is time for another collaboration this time to spread some Christmas cheer with ‘Jingle Bell Rocks’

This time we are raising money for The Trussell Trust who support a nationwide network of food banks who together provide emergency food; support to people locked in poverty and campaign for long-term change.

To join in this collaboration and be part of our Ukulele Super Group please sign up below to receive an email with all the info you will need:

  • A backing track
  • songsheet 
  • Info on where to send your finished recording(s)

Please have as much fun as you can!! We expect silly hats, dancing, ALL welcome including family pets 

The deadline is: 28th November


If you are not sure of the song check out our tutorial 

If you are able to shout us a cup of coffee we’d be extremely grateful, thank you.