Membership Now open!


Our membership site is aimed at ukulele teachers and group leaders and anyone who would like to support the project! 

Annual membership gives you access to a teachers’ resource and much more! Lesson planning can be time consuming and overwhelming. We want to make it easier for you. Our aim is to build a community of ukulele teachers to support one another. 

We truly believe that playing music should be accessible to everybody, regardless of their age or background. We also believe that music is a fantastic way to promote health and well-being, especially when played in a group. We want to support more people to teach the ukulele, especially in schools. 

We also want to support the fantastic ukulele artists and workshop leaders we are proud to call friends by paying them a decent wage for their arrangements and workshops. Many have kindly chosen to donate some of their arrangements, for this we are extremely grateful. 



By becoming a Ukulele Project Member not only are you supporting the work that we do to donate ukuleles to schools and community groups, but membership will give you access to a host of songsheets, exercises, games and other ideas, either for you to pick and choose from in planning your own lessons or, more simply, to download as complete courses.

For school members all our songsheets will include videos that you can strum/sing along too. This is especially helpful if you don’t know the song. They will be available as PDFs and as Powerpoint presentations. You will be able to find songs alphabetically but also by chords, and you can either build your own lesson plan or download ours. We have lesson plans for all ages from nursery/reception up to 87 years old! (Currently our founder Tara’s oldest student.) 

Ukuleles are small, easily accessible, and a great way for ANYONE (young and old) to start jamming! 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions


Shotgun - George Ezra

A favourite from our Waterloo Busk songbook!