Charity Single Available to Download 

During the 3 months of lockdown it was important to us that we, in a roundabout way, still fulfilled our mission of bringing people together. We also wanted to raise money for the Covid-19 frontline. So, we asked a number of artists to record ‘With a little Help From my Friends’ and invited ukulele players to join in the final chorus. We are so delighted that we had over 100 ukulele players involved and are super pleased with the video that you can now watch on our YouTube channel. Thank you to everyone who gave us their time and supported this project. Please help us in spreading the ukulele love! any likes, shares, comments, donations are very gratefully received. 50% of the profits will go to NHS Charities Together, 48% Help Musicians, 2% London Ukulele Project. We are delighted to have already donated £600 to each charity and have donated a ukulele set to the music therapy department at The Royal Hospital For Neuro-disability in Wandsworth

Our Mission

Our main aim is to use the ukulele to combat loneliness and promote wellbeing. We believe that it is a fantastic tool to promote wellbeing through building friendships and communities. We also believe that music should be accessible to EVERYONE, regardless of their age or ability. 

Founded in December 2018 we raise funds to provide FREE ukulele sets to schools and community groups using the ukulele to promote wellbeing. We do this through hosting events, projects, donations and grants.

Our events have included a children’s ukulele festival, mass busks at Waterloo Station and free workshops in schools and for Age UK Richmond. We have donated over 200 ukuleles to schools and community groups, for more information check out our ukulele family.

This year we have launched our teaching resource to support ukulele teachers and build a community of teachers to inspire future musicians! 

Our Teaching Resource

Our Resource has many tiers aimed at ukulele players, teachers and group leaders. With themed and annual songbooks, guest arrangements from varying corners of the globe, videos, downloadable pdfs, competitions and LOADS more. Tools to build communities and help tackle loneliness.

Our aim is to support teachers in schools and community group leaders and to build an enthusiastic, passionate teaching community and support network. Often teaching can be lonely too and time poor!  By joining our community you will not only have access to everything you need to teach ukulele but also access to our private Facebook group where you can exchange ideas and ask questions to other teachers who may be facing similar challenges. 

Our Community Tier is for ALL ukulele players, not just teachers, wanting to support the work that we do and help in combating loneliness. 

We are very excited about this new project and can’t wait for you to join us in it. 



We are very excited to have founded The London Youth Ukulele Orchestra for school aged budding ukulele virtuosos.

Check out our Youth Orchestra page for more info

Supporting our Cause

sponsors & partners

We want to say a massive thank you to all those who have supported us – particularly the organisations below who helped our start up